Hi, my name is Patty and I am a native Southern California girl who likes to garden year round, host small gatherings of family and friends, decorate and fluff our 1954 cottage and dress cute while doing it.

I am a fifty something year old wife, mom and grandma. It seems strange to be typing that because I don’t see myself that way at all.  In fact, in my mind I’m still the same age I was when I got married over 30 years ago.

I love this time in my life and I have no desire to go backwards.  I feel like I spent my twenties thinking I knew it all, my thirties trying to juggle it all and my forties wondering what in the heck happened to my twenties and thirties.

Now just feels good.  I’m finally comfortable with who I am and I know what I like.  I try not to fall into the comparison trap and I think I’ve found a good balance with new and trendy and what works for me.

If this sounds like I have it all together or that my life is perfect, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

What I do know in my fifties is that I don’t have anything figured out, it’s impossible to juggle it all and life is short, so we better make the most of everyday.

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Here at Lemon Lane Style you will find inspiration to make the life you’re living right now, no matter what your age or circumstances, a good life.

I am a firm believer that creativity is far more important than budget and that attitude is everything.  I look forward to sharing all the tips, tricks and lesson’s I’ve learned over the years with you.

Thank you for stopping by. I know there are plenty of “fashion and lifestyle” blogs to visit and I never take for granted that you chose Lemon Lane Style to be one of them.   I hope you leave here inspired and encouraged to love the life you’re living right now, no matter what your age.

xo, Patty