Photovoltaic support is an important part of solar modules. Its main function is to support and fix the function of solar photovoltaic modules galvanised c channel sizes. Therefore, the pressure bearing capacity and load capacity of photovoltaic supports are a big test.

Photovoltaic supports are generally made of carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum alloy, etc., and the materials of cast iron and carbon steel are more economical, but because these materials have high carbon content, they are long-term outside. Rain, it is easy to cause rust and corrosion, so its service life is also relatively short.

If materials such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy are used as the main material of the photovoltaic support, it is not only bright outside, but also effective against corrosion and rust, and has a long service life.

Let’s talk about the generation process of photovoltaic scaffolds. Photovoltaic scaffolds are made by injecting abrasives into one piece at a time. There are also semi-finished products formed after injection into the mold, and then secondary processing. We must pay attention to the processing when we process, we must control Good equipment angle and force difference, to prevent the finished product from being deformed and other undesirable features.

Photovoltaic support is used to support solar photovoltaic equipment, so the demand has strong load-bearing capacity and stability, but it is difficult to achieve by the bracket itself, and some auxiliary parts are needed. The pressure block is one of them. Kind. The key to talking about today is the briquettes of the brackets, so that the products can be carried forward with very good results.

There are many different types of brackets, and then the choice of the briquettes is also different, mainly with two sides of the block and medium pressure block. The side clamps are mainly used to fix the main parts and the guide rails of the photovoltaic support, so that the two are partially integrated to ensure the stability. The orientation of the edge clamp is usually between the outermost main part and the guide rail, which is also referred to as the edge clamp.

The medium pressure block is used to fix the between the main part and the main part, and then ensure the connection between them, and indirectly can also be connected with the guide rail, so that the whole can be connected into a stable whole. The solidity of such a product can be imagined, and the placement of photovoltaic equipment on it will not affect it.