Summer is coming, you may not stand the hot weather, so a homemade lemonade recipe is the best thing to help overcome this hot summer.

Homemade lemonade recipe

There are four seasons one year, and which one do you like best? There is not just one answer for that, or in other words, the season you love is also have something you hate, there are two sides of everything, and there is no exception. As far as I am concerned, the summer is the best season in this world. I know that there will be a lot of people think that summer is too hot to live, as a matter of fact, it is true that summer is hot enough for people to stand, but you can thnk that the people who live near the equator, how hot the weather is!

On the other hand, when summer is coming, that means everything in this world will wake up, not only the trees, flowers and any other plants, but also people will become more inspiriting. The only problem of summer is the hot weather, so if there is a normal way to help you get rid of the hot weather, the summer will become perfect, will it?

Today I am going to introduce a homemade lemonade recipe which is just made by the real lemons, and it will not take you too much time to make a tasty lemonade, maybe 15 minutes is enough, but after that, you will drink the most wonderful drinking in this world.

Homemade lemonade recipe


So here comes the ingredients which is simply used in this wonderful homemade lemonade recipe.

You just need fresh real lemons for about 5 lbs with 2 cups of water and 2 cups of sugar.

homemade lemonade recipe

How to make a wonderful lemonade in your own house?

  1. You need to cut all the lemons you prepare in half, than use your hands to squeeze each lemon to juice them through a strainer into a large measuring cup, do not stop before you have 2 cups of lemon juice.
  2. Get a medium-size saucepan and use medium-high to heat the water in it. You need pour sugar in the water and keep stirring it. Keep cooking over heat and when sugar is dissolved and liquid looks clear again, you can prepare the nest step.
  3. To make a lemonade concentrate, you need ombine sugar solution with lemon juice. Before serving, you can add water to taste.
  4. You can froze the lemonade concentrate for later use, use a gallon-sized ziploc bag to hold and lay flat in the freezer, if you want to serve, thaw and add water to taste.

homemade lemonade recipe

If you are a farmer, and there are many lemon trees in your farm, that will be the best thing in this world. You can get the freshest lemons from your own trees, and these trees are planted by yourself, when you taste the lemonade made by the your own lemons, you will get the feeling that anyone else can never feel.

You may say that it is so tired for you or your kids to use your hands to squeeze lemons for the lemonade, the smart method is get a machine which is called the electric juicer to help you do this job. It will not be too expensive, and you will enjoy the lemonade as much quickly as you want. However, as a matter of fact, you can just let your kids to do that job, which can develop them the ability of doing something with their own hands and this process is much more meaningful than the moment they drink the lemonade.

When you want to serve, take the lemonade concentrate out of the fridge, add some water to taste. For me, I will add some ice cubes and honey for better taste.

There is nothing like a big glass of lemonade in a hot  summer day can make you joyful. You can take a glass of cold lemonade, lay under the beach umbrella near your swimming pool, listen to some joyful music, what a nice day! You can also let your kids make some glasses of lemonade by themselves, and take these glasses out of your house to sell to the people who will pass by without water. In such a hot summer day, there is no person who is thirsty will refuse such a cold lemonade which can save their life, and this is a good experience for your kids to go through.

So stop waiting, and move your body to the supermarket to buy some fresh lemons and just do it, making the most wonderful tasty homemade lemonade with real lemons. No matter what kind of way you will use, by hands or by machine, the result is much more important, that is you can enjoy the lemonade you made.