The ascent of single gem items and the accomplishment of PERC innovation have animated the “neural” of the whole Chinese PV industry H profile steel. The photovoltaic organization keeps on growing the limit of single precious stone PERC while the opposite side is “confounding” to the bearing of the up and coming age of standard high-proficiency technology.

In the following business sector high point fight, everybody needs to excel.

From the simply finished up SNEC showing parts, a few organizations have just spread out the format ahead of time and picked TOPCon innovation.

The innovation to accomplish the most elevated part control in the current year’s show originates from the CP blend of heterojunction and shingle. Since the twofold sided pace of the heterojunction is over 90%, under the typical reflected light, the parts with twofold sided heterojunction combination innovation are up to 500W, heterojunction innovation is progressively utilized in the advancement and generation of ultra-productive segments.

TOPCon will be a progress, it has solid similarity with the first hardware, can cause the gear to have a more drawn out life, which is a moderate advance for certain undertakings that have aggregated a great deal of limit, which is additionally some battery parts. One reason why the industrial facility went to TOPCon.

Conditions for heterogeneous scale huge scale speculation.

The heterojunction battery has a progression of preferences, for example, high change proficiency, straightforward assembling process, flimsy silicon wafer application, low temperature coefficient and no photograph prompted constriction. At present, the most elevated proficiency of the research center has arrived at 26.6%, and the creation productivity of the generation line is over 23%. Has a higher effectiveness support than other battery advancements.

Likewise, the twofold sided power age attributes of the heterojunction battery are additionally in accordance with the present pattern of twofold sided power age. Under the numerous points of interest, the heterojunction is viewed as the cutting edge ultra-high-effectiveness battery innovation with the most modern potential.l profile steel

At the point when the troublesome innovation is adult, it won’t ask the generation line and isn’t good.

As the business creates toward progressively effective and higher power, ventures have increasingly dire requirements for the combination of high-productivity advancements. In any case, since heterojunction is an alternate specialized course, similarity with other high-productivity innovations is sure. Troubles, this has turned into a spot where numerous organizations stop to keep a watch out and even be censured.